A downloadable small horror game for Windows



New version of the game: https://mikorashu.itch.io/wooden-hearts

This game was made for a game jam (Scream Jam 2019).  I worked on it alone for only a week. The game is very short, unfinished, unpolished and buggy! Many assets are just placeholders.


In the last years plenty of children went missing. You have one last clue left that led you to a n old and mysterious place. Equipped with your lamp you go to investigate.

What are you going to find out?


I used Asset Forge to create my own stuff and also used some assets from Kenney - Graveyard Kit.

There are stilll many bugs left but I wanted to finish it in time for the SCREAM JAM 2019.

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsHorror, Mystery, Psychological Horror, sad

Install instructions

Just extract the file and start the game. Have fun :)


WoodenHearts.rar 70 MB

Development log


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Hey checked out your game at about 6:35ish of my video, it was a cool short game, liked the amnesia like way of having to grab and place things to get through that wall but at the same time it was REALLY finicky, I think it could be solved by adding some weight feeling to them, but overall I believe you can make a great game with some more time :)


Hey thanks for the feedback! Yeah the mechanics are still very clunky in the current version but it will be better in the final version hopefully x) Appreciate the kind words! 

Nice video btw keep it up! :)


It may be short and, unfinished but although simple really had great elements to it and, got my heart going! Keep on developing great games!

Hi thanks for playing. I am definitely working on finishing this game first! :)

Cool idea with the heart rate monitoring!

Keep it up! :)


I was very confused about this game, but I still got some good little scares out of it!

Hey thanks for playing!

No problem!


love the game it was fun to play 

Hi thanks for playing!


It was a really good game. The atmosphere was tense, and I never knew if they dolls would move. My only complaint are that it was so short. I would donate money, but I'm broke. Keep up the great work.

Hey thanks for the feedback! No worries I just appreciate people playing it! All good!  As you said it's also way too short but it will be longer when I finished the game! :)


this was the second game of my video! I really liked the atmospheric and the spookyness when you couldn't see anything. ALSO, MANNEQUINS! GODDAMN. Always creeping me out. I liked that lantern which gives you blueish light!

Thanks for including my game in your video! Appreciate it and glad you liked it!


Gave it a try. It was good! Sorry that i don't talk, but i tried something that shows my thoughts through the game.

Hey thanks for playing it! I still thought it was entertaining to watch. Also you are the first person to finally save Mr. Chair! Finally someone understood what the goal in this game actually was! :)


Good and fun game! I realy liked the doll part. It freaked me out. If i can give you one tip, lower the sound of the footsteps.

Hey thanks for the feedback! I will look into it for the next update!


A great concept to have! Has the environment but it can get a little too dark sometimes. I wish the monster would do something more, not spoiling anything! Maybe throw in an alternative ending? Like actually saving someone>_<! But if there are multiple endings, I think I got the escape one.

Are there more then one ending?

Hi thanks for playing the game! I am still working on the game but I am working alone on it so it will take some time to actually finish it. There are multiple endings planned but right now there is only one ending. Thanks for your feedback!  Really appreciate it. :)


Short little horror that I enjoyed playing and recording! Looking forward to more in future! 

Hi thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

Deleted 44 days ago

Hey thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it!


cool game :)

Hey thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! :)


Great job, for a short game I was really immersed. :)


Hey thanks for playing. Glad you liked it! 


Well aren't you just a spooky little game. Enjoyed the atmosphere, had fun running away like a scared mouse, and decided in the end to stay. Fun fun! Can Check out my Playthrough if you want!:

Hi thanks for playing!


This game presents a very dark and gloomy atmosphere,  and the creepy dolls are a nice and spooky touch! I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough: 

(1 edit) (+2)

Hi thank you for playing it! Unfortunately you played the version with some game breaking bugs. Should be fixed in the current version. I made this for a game jam alone in a week which is why it is so short and is very unpolished in general. I will continue working on it though.

Appreciate your feedback and I am glad you liked it! 

Keep it up!


Ey, I played your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! It starts at 5:12! Hope ya enjoy!


Thanks for including it in your video! Keep it up!


Really felt like this nailed it's atmosphere and slow building anxiousness within me, even with it's kind of DIY/low poly but not aesthetic. Really enjoyed this and will be looking forward to your future work. 

Hey thank you very much for playing! Really glad you enjoyed it despite the many flaws it still has. This was just made for the Scream Jam 2019 in a week by me alone so hopefully after some future updates I will get to complete it. 

Really appreciate your feedback! Keep up the good work!

We play this game among a couple of others. Certainly an interesting experience.

Simplistic, but enjoyable!


Thank you very much for playing. Glad you liked it!

Keep it up!


Very creepy. Like that you made it scary without jumpscares, nice job.

Hey thanks for playing! Appreciate it.

Keep it up!


Really loved the low visibility and creepy sounds in this game, made for a great atmosphere! This was the second game I played for my 3 scary games, really enjoyed it! 

Hi thanks for including the game in your video! Really appreciate it and I am glad you like it.

Keep it up!


Buen juego me ha asustado el sonido del piano xd aunque el saltar la reja se me hizo dificil 

Hi thanks for playing! The game is still very unpolished and not finished at all. So thanks for keep playing it despite all the bugs. I will definitely work on the physics and gameplay mechanics in general! And sorry about the loud piano haha :D

Keep it up! 

El piano estaba perfecto, me queje porque me asusto XD (MUCHO muy siniestro no lo cambies)


I LOVE THIS GAME! It has a good vibe to it and also scary at times. Really enjoyed playing it, would love to have more of it!!

Hi thank you very much! Very kind of you! There will be more of it. I am currently working on adding content, bug fixing, polishing and so on.

Really like your video and I appreciate you being patient with the still very clunky mechanics ;) 

Keep it up!

Gave it a go...

Hey thanks for trying it out!

love the game wish it was longer! had some great scares and cool atmosphere. cant wait for more games from you!

Thank you very much very nice of you!

your welcome!!


I really like the idea and story behind this game.  The graphical style works well too.  I do think the lantern is too bright, it brightens up your eyes more than the actual world it seems.  Perhaps that was just because of my recording set up.  I feel like I did something I wasn't supposed to do in that end sequence, it got a bit confusing, and the enemy just kind of walked by me and into walls and stuff.  But the idea is really good for a game jam and limited time to work on it.  So good work dev, hope to see more from you in the future.  This is the third game in the video - 17:59


Hey thanks for the feedback and for showing the game in your video!

Unfortunately you played the version that still had the game breaking bug. It is fixed now (as far as I know lol). I worked on the game alone and had a hard time putting everything together in time for the Scream Jam 2019. The lighting in general definitely needs some work. 

Really appreciate you playing and commenting! You guys making these videos kinda are like my game testers and it really helps while developing more content for the game.

Keep up the nice videos!


This actually suprised me! Good job! 

Thank you very much! Nice video! Keep it up!

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amazing game, as i explained in the video this was my second time playing it cuz the first time it bugged and my audio messed up, but it was so good that i thought it deserved to be played again and shown to other people 10/10!!! thank you for making this game!

Hey thank you very much  for the kind words! Sorry to hear that you had some trouble with your first recording and with the game bugging out the first time. I really appreciate that you gave it another try!

I am still working on the game and trying polish everything while also adding content.

I like your commentary and really enjoyed your video! Keep up the good work! :)


this game was cool I was scared after the continuous following but it’s good

(1 edit)

Hey thanks for keep playing it despite all the glitches that accured during your playthrough. Most of these glitches are fixed now but you basically saw everything this game has to offer right now. There will be more content in the future though.

Glad you liked it! Keep it up! :)


This game is pretty good i enjoyed it it made me jump and unintentionally make me laugh i think. If you would like to see my playtrough here it is: 

enjoy 😉👍

Thank you for trying out the game! Hey I will just act as if it was my intention to make people laugh ;)

Truth is I didn't have enough time left so I created these figures  in a hurry. Hopefully they will be  a bit more spooky in the next update ;)


No problem I hope you liked the video I had fun making it and I hope you do keep the project going  as I think the game has got potential. PS  (Please keep Pinocchio in the game somewhere) 😉👍

Thanks for the kind words! I liked your video and it would be cool to also  see you play the next version. I am sure there will still be a place for "Pinocchio" as a little easter egg somewhere in the game haha :D

I'll definitely make  a video of the next version of the game  and Pinocchio as an easter egg that would be cool ill have to keep a eye out for him lol


That little dude gave me the creeps.

That little dude and the whole game was unfortunately glitched in your playthrough thats why you couldn't leave the house. Should be fixed by now but you basically saw everything in the game.

Thanks for playing! 


The game was rather deep for how short it was, kept me in terror cuz i had  of the darkness. kept the suspense. nice job with the game.

Hey thank you very much for playing despite all the bugs in the game!

Appreciate it!


Got scared quite a bit trying out this horror game!  It was short but fun to try out!  God job. 


Thank you for your feedback! Really appreciate you played it! 


I wasn't expecting an army of wooden people. I should have paid for attention to the name. 


Hey thanks for playing it! Appreciate it!


I enjoyed this experience! I do believe I scared myself way more than the game though. I look forward to what this game will become. If you're interested in my gameplay I'm leaving the video below. Enjoy!

Thank you very much for playing my game! I can see how players behave or if things work how intended and stuff like this which really helps. 

I kinda tried to create an atmosphere in which the player gets scared even though there isn't anything scary. I wanted to let the player's fantasy and fear of the dark do the job. Guess it kinda worked. 

In the next version of this game there definitely will be more actual scary stuff though. 

Really liked your commentary and video in general. Keep it up!


Thank you for watching my play through. I can’t wait to play the next version. I really enjoyed it. 


сразу видно сделано с душой.5 деревянных сердец из 5 

Hey thank you very much for playing my game! I don't understand russian but it was still cool to see you play it. I really appreciate you finished the game despite it's bugs and flaws. Have a nice day and keep it up!

I hope Google Translate does it's job ;)


Played your game in a video for 1 week this was pretty entertaining, even in my sleep deprived state. Hope you enjoy :)


Hey thanks so much for playing it! The section where you had to get out of the cell had me laughing haha. The mechanics are still very clunky but I am working on it. Keep it up! :)


You too! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to playing more of your creations :)


I loved the aesthetic, and the underlying story that was told without words. A scary story worth telling again and again. 

Thank you very much  I really appreciate your kind words. Also thanks for including my game in your video. It's always so interesting and fun  to see people play it. Really like your commentary btw! Keep up the good work! :)


Really short but that was scary! not bad!

Thank you for showing it in your video! It is indeed really short but it will be a bit longer after my next update ;)


i played random indie games from gamjam and your game was one of them it was so much fun so well done , i hope you enjoy my gameplay :) 

Hey thank you for including my game in your video. If you liked it maybe check it out again after my  next update. Keep up the good work :)

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